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Night Dragons


You expect the monster to emerge at night.
He slides from the dark abyss
Into the shifting shadows,
The all too familiar shape of terror
At the foot of the bed.
He wrestles with your reality
And roughly propels the conscious mind,
Grasping the fragile psyche
Into the inevitable choke hold
Back to a time
When a child grappled with a giant
And lost innocence
And found betrayal.
In time the daylight is no longer safe,
There is no place to hide.
Denial is thwarted forever.
The monstrous invasion shapes your being.
The woman becomes the child.
Now horror is inevitable
And assumes immense proportions.
Vast, tenacious, inexorable -- yet,
The child is a conqueror,
Empowered by the strength of truth,
She will slay the dragon
And find deliverance


Copyright ( 2003 Valley Trauma Center)



Copyright 2004 Valley Trauma center...All Rights Reserved