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Prevention Tips for Parents...

Keep the lines of communication open.

 Talk to your children on a daily basis.

Prevention Tips for Parents

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What Parents Can Do

Keep the lines of communication open. Talk to your children on a daily basis.

Know where your children are at all times. Familiarize yourself with their daily activities, their friends and their friends' families.

Be careful about choosing babysitters and any other care providers.

Begin teaching your children at a very young age about things they can do to help keep themselves safe. Make sure to use a non-threatening approach that equips children with confidence and empowerment, not fear.

What Parents Should Teach their Children

Instruct your children to always inform you of their whereabouts. Tell them to ask permission before leaving their play area or going into a neighbor's house.

Instruct your children that no one has the right to touch their bodies.

Teach your children names for different parts of their bodies and explain the difference between physical affection and abuse ("good touches and unwanted touches").

Tell them that if anyone tries to make them do something that makes them "feel funny," say "NO!", get away, and tell someone that they trust.

Instruct your children not to keep secrets, especially from you.

Instruct your children never to open the door to a stranger or someone they don't trust, and never to let someone at the door know if they are home alone.

Instruct your children never to give any information to a stranger over the telephone. If they are home alone, tell them to say that their parent cannot come to the phone right now.

Monitor their activity on the Internet.

Tell your children never to go anywhere with or take anything from someone they don't know or someone they don't trust. Emphasize that grownups should not be asking children for help in finding directions, a lost pet, etc.; they should ask another grownup.

Instruct your children to always travel with another person and never to take shortcuts through alleys or wooded areas.

Teach your children that if they get separated from you in a public place, they should not wander around looking for you. They should immediately go to a checkout counter, the security office, or lost and found and tell the person in charge that they have lost their parent and need help in finding you.

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