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Remember: healing is possible. You can do it. Help is available. You are not alone.

Sexual assault can have a long lasting impact on the daily lives of survivors. While it is never the fault of the victim, feelings of shame and self-blame often cause survivors to isolate themselves. Survivors of sexual assault sometimes try to block the event from their minds, hoping the traumatic event will go away if they don't think about it.

We believe that telling our truths releases the pent-up pain and allows healing to begin. We also know that sharing our stories helps others understand and lends courage to those who identify with the words of other survivors.

We have included a few essays and poems written by survivors of rape, sexual assault, and molestation. If you have never been assaulted, we hope the message of survival will touch you. If you are a survivor, may you be inspired by these expressions of pain, hope, and healing.

Please be aware that some of this material may trigger some feelings. We encourage you to wait to read these powerful essays and poems until you feel ready.

Creative activities such as writing, painting, journaling, singing, dancing, and acting are among the many activities that may facilitate recovery.

Remember: healing is possible. You can do it. Help is available. You are not alone.

Dinner's Ready

I Thought It Was My Fault

My Talk With An Uncle

Night Dragons

Rubber Bands



These pieces are copy-written either by the individual authors or by Valley Trauma Center. Valley Trauma Center hereby authorizes the duplication of these materials provided that they are not altered in any way, the author is credited where appropriate, and no profit is made by the user.


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